Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Few Changes, Few Posts

Hey idiot, her cape wouldn't be going straight back on both sides if her body is turned. LERN 2 DRAW.

Still haven't given up, but have been a bit busy. Sometimes I wonder if I'm truly passionate about art because I'm not making time for it like people always say you will for things you love. I can either feel bad about this or just realize I'm not dead and until that happens there will be time for me to give it my all. Let's go positive thinking!

In the last two weeks I've moved, got transferred to a new job location (which is also in the freezer which is making me sick because I'm not dressing properly), and tomorrow I begin my education adventure at NC State's College of Design.

My goal for the year is to not get mad at the silly world of objectivity/whiny pee pee baby culture that art is slathered in. I would like to say I want to take art seriously, but not the whole "This is art, art is important, WE ARE IMPORTANT" thing that artists can tend to drape themselves with. Learning how to actually do it properly (in my case, MUCH FASTER, and all the other non speed crap I do completely wrong) is something I would hope to achieve with great skill.

Hopefully I can settle down into a regular schedule within the next week and get back to posting constant updates of unfinished/incredibly slow progressions of pictures being finished like the good ol' days.

Every once in awhile I see the little page hits spike to like 41 for a day and I think it might be one person looking at everything. If this is true, hey one person, I appreciate that. I hope you aren't spending too much time looking at my unfinished work. Go watch a movie, maybe Ex Machina. That movie didn't get nearly enough pub for how good it was. Oscar season is a big joke.

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