Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Semester, Old Semester, Potato, Potatoe

So here's my final project for my first semester at NC State. They are 34'' by 11'' two page spreads that I made in Photoshop. I got deducted "points" (we never really saw any grades, art school problems I guess) because I put it together a bit haphazardly. I just didn't have money to go and get it nicely printed and bound so I just printed it out and glued it to bristol board so it would be sturdy. I realize that the price of materials is basically being substituted for books in the case of an art (well in this case, "Design" School) school education, but I just didn't have enough money at the time (Christmas!) to do so.

We had exit interviews with the Professor and I got a talking to about my attitude about art in general (I don't take this SERIOUSLY), but I feel like it could have been a lot worse. I've learned to just not talk at all while in school because it never really helps. A lot of the time I think about how I've kind of dug a hole for myself and I can either keep on digging (leave school, have aspects of my life become worse as a result) or just quietly and calmly climb out of the hole without complaining (just finishing school, getting a degree, and getting a job).

Two weird things I've noticed about going to the College of Design at NC State...

1. The students are kind of scared of the faculty. It's weird, they are just teachers, they aren't going to put you in art jail. I don't mean this in a rebel against authority way or anything, but just in general. Like a hushed reverence maybe? "Oh no, it's professor B!" I guess this ties into me not taking this seriously? I'm probably the weird one I guess.

2. People don't draw as much as they should. Lots of people have blank sketchbooks when the Professor is talking. It just seems so strange that a generation of students who can use 3 different devices at the same time while driving a car can't doodle while someone is talking.

Something of random note for people who like animation is how I realized that John K (the guy who did Ren + Stimpy) was actually right for saying new animation is bad. I used to think he was just being a dickhead because he didn't like Dexter's Lab and what not, but when you think about it's depressing how we have all this technology now and the animation done in the 1940's with cels was so much better. Maybe this is due to the cost of 2D animation compared to 3D or just the overall move to 3D animation (which has become fantastic overall) in general. I enjoy Adventure Time and the lot, but everyone is just made of smooth tubes now. It's just confusing being in a place filled with people who love art but don't take time to learn about the past.

I kinda don't want to be an animator, and I guess I'm not one to talk because I never finish anything, but that just seems so strange to me. We have so much more, but we are doing less. Maybe Baby Boomers were right and we are ruining America?

I have some unfinished sketch things I can post, but I'll do that later. Seeya later Blog, you are almost at 10000 views!