Friday, June 26, 2015

Slow and Wobbly probably isn't going to win the race

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I haven't been not drawing, I just have hit a weird block again where I am not finishing anything. I've been trying to fix this Thor picture and just wanted to get her cape and armor right. It's been taking a long time and I have no real reason why. I just want to draw her Armor right, but its awkward and has been taking forever, I also want to get her cape right both physically and compositionally. I don't want to be negative artist wiener guy, but I mean I haven't been able to figure this out. Maybe this is part of my learning process? At least I'm not just drawing it wrong and being like "It looks fine!" like I used to. The paper is full of white out and tape and is kind of a disaster. Just looking at the picture while I'm posting it I can already tell I need to make the hammer thicker and add some more foreground elements.

Maybe starting Art School in August will help? Maybe it won't? I appreciate people looking at the blog though, whatever it is they are looking at I hope you are enjoying it.

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