Saturday, October 24, 2015

Design School of Rock(s)

Two months, no posts. Why?!

I am a busy bee. Design School is neither good nor bad, it just kind of is. We're being taught how to think about what we are making, kinda like a starter class on creativity and how to control our ideas. A big emphasis is being put on telling a story with your words instead of just having your work do the talking. Unless we are making something specific, art feels like it will always be subjective so I'd rather just people enjoy whatever weird thing I am making instead of trying to put an idea in their head and failing. If they think our cardboard wall thing looks like a bad dream they had, but still enjoy it, I'll always take that instead of making up some silly story about the emotions I didn't put into the inanimate object I made.

The illustration work will hopefully come, but I had expectations that we'd be learning how to do better work, faster. What does process matter if you can't accurately render what you are trying to get the viewer to feel? I guess that'll just have to be on me to teach myself. I am no artistic savant, I still have tons of things to learn, but it has just been a little disappointing so far. I keep thinking about how if we're all being taught the same way to be creative, doesn't that kind of render our creativity obsolete?

I am just talking to myself anyway, so I'll just explain what I've posted and be on my merry way.

1. We had to make a wearable object out of paper. I made a cape!

2. We had to work in groups and use cardboard to decorate our space. Our group had a whole wall so we decided to cover it. It was surprising to learn that no one ever did that before, c'mon design students!

3. I don't get to practice my animez cartoon art as much anymore, but here is a rough sketch I did of Law from One Piece. My perspective is all over the place!

Thank you for coming to visit and looking at my slow moving art blog. Even though no one comments, I get a bit warm when the viewership jumps from 1 to like 6.

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