Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Now its a full body picture!

Basically that guy is talking to his sword's spiritual representation while being under deep water. So all the cloth will be floating and it gives me an excuse to fill up negative space. Since its anime that lady has huge boobs, I wanted to show them because I am a bad person, but the way she is floating behind him it would be impossible. Unless I broke a bunch of anatomy laws or made them (her boobs) enormous. I just stuck with trying to draw it right, so this is what I have so far, yay!

So winter break is quickly approaching and I'll have time to work (or most likely not work) on non school pictures again. Why do I do so much fan art? Why does it take me so long? I guess it IS good practice, like by taking my time and working out the kinks I am slowly improving. I think I am?

Well I have a lot of pictures to choose from to finish...

Thor, this Bleach picture, that other Bleach picture, Namor, the Live.Die.Repeat lady, Chrono Trigger pic, that not so great Law picture, so I mean I have a lot to choose from.

It may be smart to not start a new fan art picture and try to finish at LEAST one in the like four weeks I won't have school.

Maybe I should work on my own characters instead of drawing my version of other peoples creations? Man, that requires effort though, booooo.

Thanks to whomever (whoever?) is reading this. No one comments, and I really don't think anyone uses blogger anymore, but I still appreciate any visits. I'll try to finish one picture completely during break, key word "try".