Monday, February 23, 2015

The Late Bird gets more Unfinished Work or An Expected Dumb Blog Post Title

Okie dokie, 3 days late this week. This isn't a good trend. I also am not looking good on my finishing just one picture this month. What a smart idea to start another new fan art picture! I made a small amount of progress on my Cub logo in the upper right had corner of the first picture.

For the fan art I just started doodling Shinji Hirako from Bleach and then got grumpy that the picture wasn't looking right until I got a good sketch down. (if you are interesting in an evolution of a pictures composition, you can see how I kind of combined the first two sketches, at least I think I did?) I want to add some swirling text to the final picture to make it a fully realized illustration. Of course next week the post will be a week late and have nothing to do with any of these pictures. I must be listening to the House of Pain because I am jumping around. WHOMP WHOMP.

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