Friday, February 13, 2015

Purple Picture Progress

Hey! On time update! I am glad my former classmates from Millersville seemed to have visited the other day and no one commented. I am confounded by this generation of youths raised on social media who can only comment with likes. How can it be called social media if its really just a picture gallery you are giving electronic thumbs up to? It seems like if you actually do get someone to comment its either going to be "THIS IS AMAZING", "YOU ARE *insert mean comment here*, FEEL BAD", or someone telling you can "Make tons of money a day from working at home." I guess that sounded kind of angry, but its more like its just weird. I remember being one of the only people in the art class that really looked at the other students blogs (which is the big reason we had the blogs, so we could keep up with what each other is doing) and having it be considered "Creepy" that I wanted to know more about everyone's work.

Oh well! It's not like having an environment where you could productively voice your ideas in a creative manner to help each other get better could be valuable in anyway. I still miss my classmates and wish them all the best.

But yeah, here is some progress on some logos (Fake Beer and Elementary School) that are coming along slowly. I want to do the logos up in Illustrator all nice and crisp, so these color key sketches help me figure out what I am doing (if I even know what that is).

I need to learn how to add solid black values to my cartoony style for depth. One of the things I am awful at is adding value to my drawings and I've never really established a way to do that I am comfortable with. I am enjoying working on this particular piece of fan art and want figure out how to finish it at a high level. I think I could learn a lot from the artwork from the Persona series as that artist uses solid blacks for shading with a cartoony style quite well.

Happy 50 Shades of Grey and Friday the 13th day. Remember when Jason threw that naked girl in the sleeping bag against the tree? Good times. That music used to creep me out when they had marathons back on USA.

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